Mark has felt like an artist for most of his life. His earliest memories of his desire to be an artist reach back to when he was only a small boy. Upon viewing the classic Hollywood film, "The Ten Commandments", the five year old Roberts was inspired and compelled to draw the Egyptian and Hebrew biblical characters. His love of drawing and creating images continued and as a thirteen year old he purchased his first classic art book, a large beautiful book on Ingres. His love of drawing and beautiful art became more articulated as he grew and by college Roberts held a great admiration for many of the late nineteenth century masters.

Roberts received his bachelor degree in graphic design at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obsipo. Later he received his formal art education at the California Art Institute, studying under various respected artists, among them, the late Neil Boyle, David Jonas, Quan Ngo, and Glen Orbik.

He returned to the institute to teach his own classes on drawing. From 1997 - 2000 Roberts worked at Walt Disney Television Animation


designing backgrounds and props for various animated series.

Mark currently resides in the San Francisco East Bay Area city of Antioch where he served as the curator for the Antioch Lynn House gallery from 2005 - 2010. Here the artist is surrounded by some of the most splendid inspiration, the golden foothills of California to the south, and the Sacamento - San Joaquin Delta to the north.

Presently, Mark teaches at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and at Las Positas College in Livermore. He also teaches privately to a loyal group of local painters and holds workshops, some of which have taken him to locations such as Costa Rica. Mark Roberts is an artist member of the California Art Club, Oil Painters of America and Arts Benicia. He exhibited at the California Art Club's 89th, 91st, 92nd, 94th, 95th, 96th, 98th and 100th Annual Gold Medal Exhibitions. Robert's paintings can be found in private and public collections nationwide.

Tirage Gallery in Pasadena, California represents Roberts.